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The Faith Journey of Luther Strange

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How Local Governments' Abuse of Public Nuisance Claims Wrongly Elevates Courts and Litigants Into a Policy-Making Role and Subverts the Equitable

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Why Judges Aren't Buying Cities' Climate Change Lawsuits

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Root Out This Rot: Special Interests in Attorneys General Offices

Several Republican state attorneys general have recently welcomed special assistant attorneys general to work in their offices funded by a conservative group with the explicit agreement to investigate and prosecute organizations that oppose their policy goals.


Give it a minute and a few tweets. Cue the outrage. Ethicists and lawyers fill the airwaves explaining why it is highly unethical and if not illegal, certainly has a serious optics problem.

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Liberty's Last Line of Defense: State Attorneys General Best when They Eschew Partisanship 

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Press Release: February 5th, 2019

Former Deputy Counsel to the President Annie Donaldson Talley has joined Senator Luther Strange at his law firm, Luther Strange & Associates, LLC. The firm provides strategic and public policy counsel to its clients.

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Sen. Luther Strange: The Importance of Taking on Corruption

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Matt Drudge on Ala. Senate election: 'Luther Strange would have won'

The Drudge Report’s Matt Drudge blasted Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore after his loss Tuesday, saying Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.) would have won the race. Click on image below to read story

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